Friday , 20 April 2018
  • 1st Place GameGod, Bangalore India - 2014

    TEAM nxl> CSGO membentangkan bendera merah putih di panggung utama perhelatan setelah keluar sebagai juara 1

  • With Edward Na'Vi

    TEAM nxl> CSGO Mengangkat sertifikat juara 1 bersama Edward dari Na'Vi (Natus Vincere)

  • 1st Place BenQ League, Malaysia - 2014

    TEAM nxl> CSGO Ketika Mengangkat Trophy BenQ League 2014 di Malaysia, 2014 lalu.

  • Partnership With GIGABYTE

    Richard Permana selaku CEO TEAM nxl> Melakukan Tanda Tangan Bersama CEO GIGABYTE Indonesia Untuk Kesepakatan Kerja Sama

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Because Winning is Everything

About Us

TEAMnxl> was founded by Richard “frgd[ibtJ]” Permana in 2005, where the days of professional video gaming were in still their infancy stage. Year by year, TEAMnxl> has since helped shape the eSports stage in South East Asia scene, especially in Indonesia.

At its core are TEAMnxl>’s talented professional gamers, who have won countless tournaments and inspired thousands of fans. Our eSports players represented TEAMnxl> in all kinds of events, attending many international events per year across some of the world’s most played eSports game, including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Dota 2, and FIFA. With over a decade of existence, TEAMnxl> continues to take its place as a leader of eSports in Indonesia and around South East Asia.

More than just a team, TEAMnxl>’s mission is to bring eSports into the next level. Based in Jakarta, TEAMnxl> influence spans across all of Indonesia. From designing apparels, creating YouTube videos, and doing livestreams, it is our passion to give more to the community. TEAMnxl> are dedicated to building a globally-recognised brand, and continuing to entertain new audiences across the globe.

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Sponsor Orientation

Sponsor Orientation

  • Credibility.
  • Integrity.
  • Responsibility.
  • Understanding.

Team Value

Team Value

  • Trust and believe to God as our Cornerstone for our way of conduct.
  • Healthy relationship with one another.
  • We always take priority in honesty and loyalty towards each other. We believe that in-game teamwork is also build based in what is happening outside of the game.
  • Character is the most crucial part in our team values, as a good character bears good results.
  • Attitude reflects leadership, leadership reflects humbleness. That is our team motto according to our logo.

Fans Value

Fans Value

  • We always treat the fans like we want to be treated.
  • We will always stay humble because we know we would not make this far without our fans’ support.
  • Protecting our fans’ trust and good relationships are important for us.

How Do We Do

How Do We Do

  • We do things fast
  • We do things right
  • We do things the best that we can
  • We believe that we always can do bigger things
  • We do things professionally

Our Logo

The Team nxl> logo is simple, clear and internationally recognisable. The shorted words “next level” shows our followers and sponsors that we are dedicated to the progression and development of not only our personal endeavours within eSports, but to raise the profile of eSports within Indonesia. Looking at the eSports markets within country’s such as Germany, South Korea, America, Taiwan and China we see great potential for a large increase of popularity within society towards eSports.

Our teams are dedicated, focused and determined to show positive influences to our fans, highlighting the importance of hard work, clean living and fun. We feel we show this via our interaction with fans both in person and through social media.

The “>” sign within our logo, suggest two things, mathematically this is the sign for “greater than” showing our confidence that we can be greater than our competition it also points forward to future goals and ambitions within eSports.

Our Facility

Our training room located on Puri Indah, West Jakarta, Indonesia.

What We Do

  • We play and practice as a team 5 times a week.
  • We compete every possible tournament.
  • Reach our fans through social media.
  • Share our brand sponsors to the fans in every media we have.
  • Cooperate with our sponsor to create a gaming product.
  • We sell our highly anticipated gaming jersey.
  • We do live streaming session.
  • Make an online competition.
  • Make a mini competition on our sponsor exhibition booth.
  • Create a highlights video from our official match or matchmaking.
  • Testing an upcoming products to ensure the products fit in Indonesian market.
  • Help sponsors to reach their potential audience targets.

What They Say

“TEAMnxl> the best gaming team in Indonesia that will be able to be the trend setter in gaming community. The leader Richard, is always able to cast my doubt and rise againts all odds to show everyone that gaming market is here to stay.” Winston Kim – Techno Solution

“TEAMnxl> is one of the best eSports team in Asia from Indonesia. Still young, has talent, and tremendous spiriit, go get higher nxl>! Be no.1 in the world. I know you can!!” Ryan Firstanto – Head of Product Manager, Astrindo Senayasa

“TEAMnxl> is a consistent team in the pursuit of achievement in the world of eSports Indonesia. Hopefully in the future could be a forerunner and inspiration of other teams such as the birth of their team.” Prana Adisapoetra – Secretary General, Indonesia eSports Association

“TEAMnxl> is one of the strongest eSports team owned by Indonesia, which is the pride of our team in Indonesia. They bring a lot of good names in the Indonesian national and international arena. They are an example of eSports team are able to show that it is worth for Indonesia in the account and no longer in the view of one eye.” Alif Fajar Rizki, Fans

“TEAMnxl> is the best eSports team in Indonesia, not much different from the world’s pro team. Highly competitive, a source of motivation to not give up, both in real life and game, success always! Happy Valentine nxl>! Keep on winning! Your fans are here to support you!” Geraldi Chandra, Fans

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