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Unbalanced MOBA Gaming with GTX 950 – English Version

Nowadays, MOBA is indeed the king of gaming. In 2014, Riot Games released that League of Legends had 27 million Daily Active Users, with 7,5 million concurrent players. In the other side, DOTA 2 has 12 million players in August 2015. On the revenue side, DOTA 2 can get US$18 million every month. While League of Legends gains US$123 million monthly.


Nevertheless, if you have already tried playing MOBA, you know that this genre has a steep learning curve, as opposed to an RPG which is very easy in the beginning of the game.

One thing that makes MOBA difficult is its Last Hit mechanism which is one of the key factor to win the game. For those who just play MOBA for a short period, Last Hit is one of the most difficult mechanism to master.


If you are one of the players that are still experiencing difficulties in playing MOBA, maybe you should take a look at the newest graphic card from NVIDIA, as a new secret weapon: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950. It gives you an unbalanced advantage to beat the player at the same level of skill and win every MOBA game.

“How is it relevant? Isn’t graphic card usually just related with visual graphic?

Well, NVIDIA uses a new secret recipe that can make your MOBA game runs more responsive.

Indeed, FPS (First Person Shooter) still holds the fastest pace genre but that doesn’t mean MOBA will forgive you for a poor responsiveness. The difference between life and death may be just a matter of milliseconds. Better responsiveness also means better creeping.

GeForce GTX 950 from NVIDIA offers faster framerate because it has lower latency. Remember, the fact is, there will always be a delay between mouse clicks and action happens on your screen. Maybe gamers with bad internet connection could relate to this easier; it’s called lag.

Internet connection is one of the factors that decide in-game response rate because it relays the command from your PC to the action in the server. However, your graphic card also plays an important role on delay aspect which is when an action from the server is sent back to your PC through network chip, processed by the CPU, before finally given to the graphic card to be displayed in your monitor.

You can watch the video made by NVIDIA which is showing the different response rate between GeForce GTX 950 and GeForce GTX 650.

From the video above, you can see that NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 has 59ms faster response rate than NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650. These 59ms may not be really significant in RPG but, in MOBA, a creep/ minion can be very precious.

Furthermore, that response rate difference may become very crucial if the scenario is you are fighting against a player from the enemy team. If you can cast your Stun skill 59ms faster, you are more likely winning the duel. It’s because, in MOBA, one skill is usually followed by others. Even more so, if the condition is during team fight 5vs5, the combo wombo is usually longer than a politician’s speech…

The real question is, “how on earth NVIDIA can offer a new amazing secret weapon with just a mainstream graphic card, GeForce GTX 950?”

First, raw performance of GeForce GTX 950 is 3 times faster than GeForce GTX 650 which was released in 2012.


With that strong computing power, of course, GeForce GTX 950 can handle MOBA games, which in fact don’t really need heavy performance hardware, very easily.

Plus, if you want to play the latest games, GeForce GTX 950 already supports DirectX12. Certainly, even it’s aimed for mainstream market, this GTX 950 still has all of the exclusive features from NVIDIA inlcuding NVIDIA GameWorksDSRG-SYNCTXAA, and also PhysX.

Besides from the GPU and its features, in order to get the fastest response rate, NVIDIA also formulate some aspects on its software so that the graphic card may run optimally in MOBA game.

  1. NVIDIA Control Panel Vertical Sync (VSync): Every game has its own VSync method, in which some of them decrease its own graphics quality. NVIDIA offers a new VSync option which is MOBA Optimal Playable Setting made especially for MOBA games.
  1. Refresh Rate: Even rated with higher refresh rate, some premium monitors still set in 60Hz, yet they can actually run at 120Hz or even 144Hz. With GeForce Experience Low Latency Optimal Playable Setting, every monitor is set on its fastest capacity.
  1. Maximum Pre-Rendered Frames: This setting means how many frames are prepared by the CPU before being processed by the GPU. By reducing the number of frames, your response rate will be faster since it reduce the delay between your mouse clicks and the action happens in your monitor. Without spending huge time to master your last hit skill, GTX 950 easily increases your accuracy of last hit 2 times.


“Umm, I’m afraid to change any setting at all… What if my computer explodes?”

Relax, if you use GeForce graphic card, NVIDIA offers simplicity with GeForce Experience so that you don’t need to be a tech savvy to get the most optimal performance with one touch of a button.


So, what are you waiting for? If you are bullied or just simply want to get higher rank faster in MOBA, one of the smart shortcut that you can take is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950.


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