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Because Winning is Everything

Shortcut for Mastering Dota 2? – English Version


The Golden Boy of PC Gaming

Dota 2 is one of the games that proves PC gaming superiority over console. Why? If you know the history of MOBA, you would know that MOBA originaly came from a mod, or a custom map to precised.

The history of MOBA can be tracked as far as 1998 when a modder, Aeon64, created a custom map, Aeon of Strife for an RTS game named StarCraft. In 2003, another modder named Eul, inspired by Aeon of Strife, utilized Warcraft III Map Editor to create Defense of the Ancient (DotA). Only in PC gaming, a fan-made product (mod) could be turn into a stand-alone game, or for this particular case, a new genre.

Beside modding, Dota 2 also shows PC gaming superiority in terms of controls. Just imagine playing Dota 2 or other MOBA games using a gamepad. I’m pretty sure you’ll get an acute headache and high blood pressure. Many maneuvers in MOBA, such as Juking, Orb-Walking, and Last Hit, are indeed ideally played by mouse and keyboard.


Mastering your Battle Skills


Talking about maneuver, this is the aspect that makes Dota 2 has a steep learning curve. Last Hit is one of the most basic skill which is needed to be mastered earlier since Last Hit is the most constant way to earn gold in Dota 2 (and also in other MOBA games).

Moreover, in early game, killing 1 hero level 6 will give you approximately the same gold with 2x Wave Lane Creep (if you can Last Hit every Creep). That’s why Last Hit is the first basic skill that you have to master. Fortunately, Nvidia GeForce GTX 950 will help you to master Last Hit skill effectively and efficiently. You can read our deeper article regarding the significance of GeForce GTX 950 with MOBA games in here.
Get your Ideal Playing Field

It’s because GTX 950 was designed specifically to give better response rate for MOBA games. That’s why, Last Hit will be so much easier to do and learn. So, to answer our question in the title, is GTX 950 the shortcut for mastering Dota 2? Maybe yes, Maybe no. Why? Because, the fact is it’s impossible to be a world champion of Dota 2 just because you buy GTX 950. However, GTX 950 will definitely give you an ideal playing field to practice.


Imagine this, Valentino Rossi won’t be able to become a 7 times World Champion of MotoGP if he only practiced using a standard motorcycle. It’s because there are rhythm, timing, and pattern of the match that have to be learned and adapted. The more conducive your practice, the more effective and efficient the result will be. This is also true with your skills in Dota 2, or even for others competitive games. Skills such as Last Hit, Animation Cancelling, and others, are the result of synchronization among your eyes, brain, and fingers. Certainly, you need time to master all of that. Though, with better condition of your practice, it’s more probable that you may be able to master the skills in shorter time.


Holding Down your Frustration

Furthermore, one thing that makes Dota 2 is too punishing for new players is the result of the match is usually set in the first 10 – 15 minutes, even though the match can last until 30 – 45 minutes. So, the team who is under pressure in Early and Mid game is usually can only hold their frustration until the end of the match… That’s why Quiter / Leaver is usually found in MOBA games, instead of FPS, RPG, or even RTS. This will give a big impact in our psychology to keep on practicing. That’s because it’s in our nature as a human to have tendency to keep going on things that make us feel good, instead of frustrating things — that’s why so many students don’t like to learn math.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 950 will give you a better chance to win every game (because of the better response rate previously) so that you will enjoy your practice / match sessions so much more and reduce your chance of frustration. As a result, you will keep going and maintain your spirit to improve your skills.

One more thing that makes GeForce GTX 950 will give ideal playing field is that its One Click Optimization feature. With this feature, you don’t need to waste your time learning about graphic setting and other hardware related thingamajigs since you can get the optimal graphic settings with just one click. Therefore, you can use your free time to focus on learning about Dota 2 strategy by reading in the forums, watching professional matches, and etc.


Come Out and Fight the World

Last but not least, if you want to learn better and faster, don’t forget to find information and join competitions. There are 2 benefits you can get from this to improve your game. First, joining competition will improve your morale and confidence. Remember, if you think you will lose, the match will be over before even begin. Second, by joining competition, you will get chances to fight better opponents and these better opponents are the one that can sharpened your skill effectively.


Unfortunately, in Indonesia, there are no competition with international or global scope for Dota 2, like The International. However, there are many local / nationwide competitions that you can use to improve your skills and morale. We are quite sure that Evil Genius, Alliance, or Natus Vincere can’t be the World Champions without joining smaller competitions before. In Indonesia, there are Master Gaming Series held by Qeon, Gamenivora which is supported by IeSPA (Indonesia e-Sports Association), and the others. You can visit Ligagame and other similar forums to find more about other competitions.
So, in the end, there is no magical shortcut that can make you an expert in Dota 2, or other competitive games, instantly. Your playing time will still give the biggest impact to your skills and confidence. However, Nvidia GeForce GTX 950 will definitely enhance your every gaming session by ensuring you to have the best playing field for sharpening your skills.


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