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Official Communication: TEAMnxl> Mobile Legends Division

TEAMnxl> Mobile Legends Division

A couple of years ago, the idea of TEAMnxl> having an eSports team on a mobile device didn’t even exist. Especially in the MOBA genre, whereas the main game of TEAMnxl> is Counter Strike: Global Offensive. But recently, the era has changed. Many top eSports teams are already scouting top players for Mobile Legends, a MOBA that has been created exclusively for smartphones and tablets.

With that in mind, TEAMnxl> have an announcement to make. We are announcing our latest addition to our family, TEAMnxl> Mobile Legends division, consisting of Priscilla “Pudding” Trifena as the manager, Hezron “Mijon” Ochananda as the team captain, Afrindo “G” Valentino as the team vice-captain, Joshua “LJ” Darmansyah, Supriadi “Watt” Dwi Putra, and Mikha “M2” Maleakhi, previously known as Team Roxy.

Our team is currently one of rising star in the Mobile Legends scene, where they successfully won 3rd place in Mobile Legends Tournament World of Gaming 2017 Jogja. They also have a big community, whereas currently approximately 40 active members are in the Roxy clan.

This newly branded TEAMnxl> Mobile Legends team will be competing against other big teams in Indonesia, such as Saints, Rex Regum Qeon, EVOS, Elite8, Underground Infinite, Bigetron, amd others. They will not make it an easy journey for TEAMnxl>; however, with the supports from TEAMnxl> and our fans, we know our Mobile Legends team are setup nicely to win and increase their reputation in the world of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang even further.

William “tova” Tjahyadi, Chief Business Officer of TEAMnxl>

“Sebagai sebuah organisasi eSports, kami selalu mencari potensi untuk mengembangkan brand dan tim kami untuk mencapai para fans baru diluar sana. Komunitas mobile gaming sangat berkembang pesat akhir-akhir ini, terbukti dengan event-event raksasa seperti MSC dihadirkan untuk eSports mobile, dan kami rasa adalah pilihan tepat untuk terjun kedalam ranah Mobile Legends, untuk mengembangkan TEAMnxl> lebih lagi. To the next level!”

Priscilla “Pudding” Trifena, Manager of TEAMnxl> Mobile Legends

“Team Roxy merasa sangat bersyukur kepada TEAMnxl> yang menerima kami untuk menjadi divisi Mobile Legends mereka. Seperti yang kita ketahui bahwa TEAMnxl> sendiri adalah tim eSports terbesar di Indonesia dan telah banyak mencetak sekali prestasi dan penghargaan. Kami akan berusaha keras membawa nama TEAMnxl> di ajang kejuaraan Nasional maupun Internasional. Semoga kedepan kita dapat terus menjalin kerjasama dan tetap meraih prestasi.”

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