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Official Communication: Next Level Academy

Next Level Academy

TEAMnxl> is thrilled to announce the launch of Next Level Academy, an innovative program designed for eSports players to gain experience and knowledge through our professional coaches and players.

Designed as a school to nurture both aspiring young talents and veterans, who wish to take the next step in their eSports journey, the Next Level Academy will allow them to play and learn with some of TEAMnxl>’s famed players and coaches in games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, FIFA, and Mobile Legends.

The creation of an academy program comes because of TEAMnxl>’s vast history of nurturing young talents into world-beaters, for example Agil “roseau” Baskoro Dwi Putra, and Hansel “BnTeT” Ferdinand, who went and become Asia’s best CS:GO player. The focus of the Next Level Academy will be on the big eSports games, particularly Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, where TEAMnxl> is renowned for.

“As a gamer, it has been incredibly useful to get to know other fellow gamers, learn from them, pitch ideas and sharing experiences with one another.” TEAMnxl> Chief Business Officer, William “tova” Tjahyadi said. “Building a good platform is the key to the eSports infrastructure in Indonesia. The Next Level Academy will be the boost that many eSports enthusiast and players need by providing a platform for the most committed and a small but encouraging support. I would have loved to have all of that when I started my eSports playing career all those years ago. I am super excited about this Next Level Academy and I think gamers out there will quickly see the benefits of this program.”

Richard “frgd[ibtJ]” Permana, Captain of TEAMnxl’s CS:GO team

“Sudah sejak lama ide ini berputar putar di pikiran saya, namun kendala waktu selalu menjegal, hingga pada saat ini, dengan waktu yang sangat tepat, TEAMnxl> dapat mempersembahkan Next Level Academy bagi kalian yang ingin mengerti bagaimana caranya bermain lebih baik dari waktu ke waktu dan dengan arahan langsung dari orang yang sukses di bidangnya. Saya pribadi berharap dari program ini banyak talenta hebat yang tersaring dan mereka pun semakin mantap untuk berkarier di dunia eSports demi kebaikan eSports Indonesia itu sendiri.”

William “tova” Tjahyadi, Chief Business Officer of TEAMnxl>

“Program-program Next Level Academy saya rasa akan sangat membantu para pemain dan penggiat eSports Indonesia secara keseluruhan. Disertai dengan 3 tahap opsi, semua tahap tersebut dioptimalkan dengan kebutuhan dari para individu itu sendiri, apakah para pemula maupun para pemain yang sudah beranjak menuju level tim dan turnamen rutin. Try it, and feel the next level!”

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