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Official Communication: fLx Re-joins the CS:GO Squad

Felix “fLx” Santoso, The Great Comeback!

After Kevin “maRk” Jonathan departs from the main CS:GO roster, we have search high and low to find our 5th player. Some of our shortlist have been tested with our CS:GO team, but unfortunately it is not meant to be, because whether it is the chemistry or game senses, ultimately they did not make the cut. We have come to decision to call up on our 6th player, Felix “fLx” Santoso to play with the main squad to try if he is still up to scratch.

We are excited to announce, Felix “fLx” Santoso will be our main 5th player for the foreseeable future, and since his performance is up to par in Diablo Zowie Tournament where TEAMnxl> got the 3rd place, we will continue to use fLx for our upcoming tournaments.

William “tova” Tjahyadi

“Felix “fLx” Santoso adalah sosok pemain yang sudah teruji, karena dia adalah salah satu dari pemain yang pernah mewakili Indonesia dalam ajang kompetisi CS:GO di Serbia beberapa waktu lalu. Dengan kembalinya fLx kedalam tim utama kami, diharapkan fLx dapat mempercepat proses integrasi permainan dengan pola permainan TEAMnxl> sekarang. Welcome back, brother Felix!”

Felix “fLx” Santoso

“fLx is back! Bersiaplah tim-tim lain, karena fLx akan kembali dalam dunia persilatan!! Untuk TEAMnxl>, terimakasih tentunya telah memberikan kesempatan kedua. Saya akan mengeluarkan jurus-jurus ultimate untuk membuktikan bahwa fLx masih yang terbaik!”



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