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Official Communication: Chief Business Officer

William Tjahyadi & Richard Permana


Ever since TEAMnxl> entered the eSports scene in 2005, we, as an organization always strive for growth and expanding outwards even further. Whether it’s entering new games such as CS:GO, League of Legends, or Dota 2, or even building a network of professionals to provide necessary infrastructure, TEAMnxl> is continually dedicated to set a new standard in building a healthy, sustainable organization. Some part of this of course is having a capable management who can work and synergize with players, coaches, and staffs to create a better environment for TEAMnxl> as a whole.

With that in mind, we would like to welcome William Tjahyadi as our new Chief Business Officer. William most recently worked with Ligagame eSports TV, and is still active as the Vice President of Indonesia eSports Association (IeSPA), and he is also has a history of playing Counter-Strike 1.6. We are very excited to work with William as we continue our journey for 2017 and onwards.

Richard “frgd[ibtJ]” Permana, CEO of TEAMnxl>

Saya bersyukur dengan masuknya William kedalam jajaran manajemen TEAMnxl>, akan membuat team ini semakin bergerak maju kedepan menggapai visi team. Kepercayaan besar saya berikan kepada William dengan background studinya dan segudang pengalaman dalam dunia eSports Indonesia maupun internasional, William sangatlah tepat untuk membawa TEAMnxl> ke level selanjutnya. Selamat berkarya Willy, kiranya perjalananmu di TEAMnxl> berhasil luar biasa!”

William “tova” Tjahyadi, CBO of TEAMnxl>

Bagi saya kesempatan untuk bekerjasama dengan Richard dan kawan-kawan adalah kesempatan yang luar biasa, dan sangatlah menarik karena banyak sekali hal yang bisa saya karyakan dalam TEAMnxl>. Saya dan Richard sudah saling mengenal lama, dan tentunya akan sangat membantu dinamika pekerjaan saya kedepannya. Terimakasih atas kepercayaan keluarga TEAMnxl>, let’s go onward; to the next level!”

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