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Official Communication: Brand Ambassador

Larissa Rochefort, Brand Ambassador of TEAMnxl>

TEAMnxl> is delighted to announce Larissa Rochefort has agreed to become our official Brand Ambassador, alongside some of our other influencers such as Vina Eleast. Larissa is also a devoted gamer and cosplayer, and recently become renowned with her portray of NieR Automata’s main character, 2B. She will be active in all of TEAMnxl>’s social platform, and also will continue her routine to do livestreams at YouTube for TEAMnxl>.

William “tova” Tjahyadi

“Larissa Rochefort has long since partnered with TEAMnxl> as an influencer, but with recent trend of Brand Ambassadors being announced right and left, we feel that it is time to re-brand Larissa as our main Brand Ambassador alongside other influencers. She will continue her routine with us, and will be appearing more frequently as the face of TEAMnxl>.”

Larissa Rochefort

“It’s an honor for me being a part of TEAMnxl> family, and I hope this new responsibility will elevate me into being more productive for TEAMnxl>. To the next level!”

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