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Everything’s Better with Friends (&NVIDIA) – English Version


Whether you realize or not, human is social being. Every now and then, we feel lonely with only NPCs as our companions. Every human being, no matter how introvert they are, wants to share and play with friends.

Playing with a friend, you can show off your skills that you’ve been sharpened hundreds of hours. On the other side, if you have friend who has practiced longer than you, he/she can teach you a trick or two. Furthermore, in competitive gaming, your opponent is also a crucial factor that can affect your gaming skills. The more frequent you face a challenging opponent, the more likely you will improve your skills faster.

For your gaming experience, playing with friends also give great impact. For example, playing an horror game, such as Amnesia, alone maybe will make you can’t sleep for couple of nights. Playing puzzle game also will become more interesting since there will be someone who can help you solve the mystery. Action, Racing, Shooter, or other games pumping your adrenaline can rush your blood even faster if played together with friends.

Playing game is a social activity. As other social activities, everything’s better with Friends.

Unfortunately, playing games with friends sometimes has too many problems. Playing in an internet cafe? It’s so noisy. More often, the PCs are as old as our grandmother, or the peripherals are on their deathbed if there are too many barbaric people who like to slam the mouse.



It’s worse if you are living in our loving over-crowded capital city since you have to crawl through hundreds of vehicles every time you want to play with your friends. Remember, you are not only spending more money to go to your friend’s house, but it may also waste your precious time.

So, what is the solution?

NVIDIA’s most loved software, GeForce Experience, has a new feature that will allow you to play and interact with your friends in game with more innovative ways: GameStream Co-Op.

Before reading the details, if you have no problem with your internet quota, you should watch this video first.


1. Play as Me
The most innovative feature from GameStream Co-Op is that it will allow your friends to play in your game wherever he/she is by utilizing the Internet, the performance of GeForce GTX PCs, and the low-latency, low-overhead streaming components of GeForce GTX Kepler and Maxwell GPUs.


Imagine something like this: you are facing a very badass annoying boss and then you remember one of your friends already passed this level. What you need to do is activate in-game overlay GeForce Experience, invite your friend using her/his email, choose “Stream, then “Play as Me”. By doing so, your friend can takeover your control in game and beat the badass annoying boss to a pulp.

Note: You only can share full screen games. Borderless window game mode is not supported. It’s because NVIDIA respects gamers’ privacy so that client (your friends) doesn’t have any chance to snoop into your computer.

2. Watch Me
The second innovative feature is that GameStream Co-Op will let your friends watch you playing a game in a low-latency 1to1 stream, including voice chat, though, your friend has to accept that he/she can only see you play at max resolution of 720p


So, if you just want to hear his/her motivational speech without giving him/her the control or you simply want to boast your gaming skill in beating a badass boss, you can just enable the in-game overlay Ge-Force Experience, invite your friend, choose “Stream”, and “Watch Me Play”. After that, your friend can watch you play without being in the same room, even in a singleplayer game.

3. Stay with Me

Of course, those two features are not the only features offered by the GameStream Co-Op. The third feature which is also interesting is that GameStream Co-Op offers you an option to play a Local Co-Op game with your friend from different locations.

For example, Trine or Gauntlet allows you to play with your friends in one screen, with different controllers (keyboard and gamepad). By using GameStream Co-Op, you and your friend can still play together- without being in the same room. Say for example both of you are too lazy to get out of bed. You just need to invite that lazy friend of yours, choose “Stream” in in-game overlay GeForce Experience, and then pick “Play alongside Me”. Both of you can play together and need not to argue about who should go to the other’s home.

This feature is actually also very cool since most of the Local Co-Op games don’t allow you to play together from different rooms, such as Trine 3 and Street Fighter.


Trine 3 is an action role-playing platform game with puzzle elements which is designed to be played with your friends. Here, you usually play with 2 of your best buddies. However, one day, one of your friends can’t leave his/her home even though you and your other friend are ready to play. With GameStream Co-Op feature, the 3 of you can still play together: both you and one friend can play in one screen in your home, while your other friend who can’t leave can join the game from his/her home by utilizing “Play alongside Me” feature.

On the other hand, Street Fighter is a cold-blooded competitive game and you have been an undisputed champion in your neighborhood for as long as you remember. You feel empty and silly playing with those puny opponents. So, with GameStream Co-Op, now you can find more challenging opponents even though they live far away from your house.


4. Take Me Anywhere

For the fourth feature, it may be a little bit different with the previous features, though it still allows you to bend the spatial constraint to enjoy your gaming session. It allows you to play your game in a laptop, whether it’s a Windows 7 or OS X based (MacBook), but using the raw power of your desktop PC in your home via a Chrome browser.


So what is the scenario now? Let’s say you have an empty two hours schedule between courses which means it’s too short to go home but it’s too long to wait… So turn that laptop on and play your game in the college cafe while watching those hot chicks in your university. Profit…!

Another example? Say, it’s a holiday and you have been playing all day (or even all night long, since there is a double EXP and double Drop event) then your back hurts badly. This way, you can just leave you GTX PC on the desk, grabbing your laptop to your cozy bed or sofa and continuing your adventure.


5. Show Me

Nowadays, more people share their moments, including their gaming sessions through video streaming site like YouTube or Twitch. Well, why don’t you try that too?

Moreover, it is NVIDIA who designs this recording/streaming software, which called GeForce Shadowplay, which previously discussed here. So, you can still stream your gaming session without having too worried about performance lost, as you would have if using other recording/ streaming software, such as Fraps.


There are 2 options given by NVIDIA in this feature.
– Instant Replay a.k.a Auto Recording is a feature that allows you to set a time buffer (between 1-20 minutes) and, when you are having a spectacular moment in the game, you can press a button so that your last 1-20 minutes (that previous time buffer) of your session instantly become a video file. Magic…!
– Manual Recording may sound less amazing than the previous option, though it may be missed if it isn’t there because NVIDIA allows you to manually record your gaming sessions as long as you have enough free space in your storage.

Finally, we know that multiplayer games have been so popular for years even before GameStream Co-Op. So maybe you’re wondering what’s so special about this…

Well, first, multiplayer and singleplayer aspects are set in stone by the developer. So, if you like playing Skyrim or The Witcher 3, you have to forget inviting your friends into the game. However, GameStream Co-Op deconstruct this aspect so that it’s possible to feel the multiplayer atmosphere in a singleplayer game.

Plus, maybe NVIDIA doesn’t directly say this, but we feel that NVIDIA wants to emphasize that playing game should not be bothered with spatial constraint anymore. Plus, as we said, Everything’s Better with Friends.


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