Monday , 25 September 2017
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Official Communication: TEAMnxl> Announces Partnership with Western Digital Corporation

  TEAMnxl> Partners with Western Digital Corporation Jakarta, Indonesia, 01 September 2017 — We are excited to announce a new partnership with Western Digital Corporation. When playing at the  highest  professional  level, fast  reaction  times  are  necessary  and  the  same  goes  for  our hardware. As a global data storage technology …

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Official Communication: Brand Ambassador

Larissa Rochefort, Brand Ambassador of TEAMnxl> TEAMnxl> is delighted to announce Larissa Rochefort has agreed to become our official Brand Ambassador, alongside some of our other influencers such as Vina Eleast. Larissa is also a devoted gamer and cosplayer, and recently become renowned with her portray of NieR Automata’s main …

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Official Communication: Farewell, maRk!

Once again, TEAMnxl> have to make a crucial decision to change the current roster, because of the mixed results we face in domestic nor international matches. First time we recruited Kevin “maRk” Jonathan was from TEAMnxl> Genesis, which he was the In-Game Leader at the time. We saw big potential …

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Official Communication: TEAMnxl> FIFA Division

TEAMnxl> are delighted to announce the launch of our FIFA eSports division, and the signing of one of the best Indonesian FIFA player, Kenny “Rainesual” Prasetyo. Kenny will represent TEAMnxl> team at all official FIFA eSports tournaments and events, local and international. Jakarta-based Kenny Prasetyo, made his professional debut in …

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Official Communication: Management Team

  TEAMnxl> is pleased to announce the appointment of 2 new personnel of management team effective May 15, 2017. The appointments signal a new chapter in TEAMnxl> history, as Richard “frgd[ibtJ]” Permana, the founder of TEAMnxl, give more authority to a new management team to plan and manage the continued …

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