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Official Communication: Hearthstone Division

By 17 November 2017 No Comments

Hendry “Joth703” Koentarto H

We are proud to announce that we are finnaly expanding into Hearthstone for the first time in TEAMnxl> vast history. Hearthstone has been a game that we have kept a very close eye on since its realease, and we have always thought the game had a really high potential as an eSport title. We have wathced the Hearthstone scene grow from the beginnings of a casual card game, to one that has already held a few major tournaments and with the World Championships every year, we believed the time is right for us to jump in.

We has picked up Hendry “Joth703” Koentarto H, one of the best Indonesian Hearthstone player whom saw success in both domestic and international competitions. He has previously played other games competitively, such as Starcraft II. Since then he have jumped ship to Hearthstone and many recognizes him as one of the best in Indonesia.

We are not done yet! We are looking for more ways to interract with our fans and supporters out there, and expanding our gaming divisions is only one of it. Stay tuned for more announcements in the near future.

William “tova” Tjahyadi, Chief Business Officer of TEAMnxl>

“Hendry “Joth703” Koentarto H adalah salah satu legenda dalam dunia eSports Indonesia, karena dia sudah memainkan berbagai game mulai dari Starcraft II sampai dengan Hearthstone. Tentu dengan bergabungnya Jo bersama TEAMnxl>, membuat nxl dapat menjangkau para fans Hearthstone, dalam maupun luar negri. Kami berharap besar kepada Jo, good luck in your tournaments!”

Hendry “Joth703” Koentarto H

“Nxl, as I know for a long time has successfully established themselves as one of the biggest gaming organization in Asia. Joining TEAMnxl>, I believe that I can go even further ahead in eSports. Lets conquer the world together, to the next level!”


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