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Official Communication: TEAMnxl> FIFA Division

TEAMnxl> are delighted to announce the launch of our FIFA eSports division, and the signing of one of the best Indonesian FIFA player, Kenny “Rainesual” Prasetyo. Kenny will represent TEAMnxl> team at all official FIFA eSports tournaments and events, local and international. Jakarta-based Kenny Prasetyo, made his professional debut in …

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Official Communication: Management Team

  TEAMnxl> is pleased to announce the appointment of 2 new personnel of management team effective May 15, 2017. The appointments signal a new chapter in TEAMnxl> history, as Richard “frgd[ibtJ]” Permana, the founder of TEAMnxl, give more authority to a new management team to plan and manage the continued …

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Official Communication: Chief Business Officer

  Ever since TEAMnxl> entered the eSports scene in 2005, we, as an organization always strive for growth and expanding outwards even further. Whether it’s entering new games such as CS:GO, League of Legends, or Dota 2, or even building a network of professionals to provide necessary infrastructure, TEAMnxl> is …

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Official Communication: CS:GO Roster Change

  TEAMnxl> always build a roster with the aim for creating a squad that is capable of challenging the best teams in the world, even on the biggest of stages. That means bringing together players who are capable to work and synergize together on a daily basis. Our management always …

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Hukuman eSports vs Traditional Sports

  Pada cs_summit, streamer CS:GO Braxton “swag” Pierce menjadi salah satu pemain stand-in dari Cloud9. Hal ini menjadi sebuah kejutan, mengingat kondisi pemain muda tersebut yang masih menjalani hukuman larangan berkompetisi seumur hidup pada event-event Valve, setelah kejadian match-fixing pada event iBUYPOWER 2014 silam. Muncul beberapa argumentasi bahwa hukuman tersebut terlalu berat, mengingat …

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