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Our Logogram

About the Logo

NXL logo is simple, clear and internationally recognisable. The shorted words “next level” shows our followers and sponsors that we are dedicated to the progression and development of not only our personal endeavours within Esports, but to raise the profile of Esports within Indonesia.


Our teams are dedicated, focused and determined to show positive influences to our fans, highlighting the importance of hard work, clean living and fun. We feel we show this via our interaction with fans both in person and through social media.

Lower Case

The “>” sign within our logo, suggest two things, mathematically this is the sign for “greater than” showing our confidence that we can be greater than our competition it also points forward to future goals and ambitions within eSports.

Moving Forward

We use lower case lettering, means we want to always stay humble all the time no matter what.

The age distribution of our followers.

Age Range 13-17

Age Range 18-24

Age Range 25-34