The Story

NXL Esports Center were developed to show the history and achievements of the most honored esports team in Indonesia, NXL.

NXL Esports Center

Commonly referred to as simply NEC, is the training facility of Indonesian esports team NXL (Nextlevel). It is the first most forefront and modern facility in the Indonesian esports world, dedicated entirely to a esports club. NEC was opened in 2019, the center consists of 235 square meters, inside the Breeze mall, BSD City. It is located near AEON Shopping Mall, ICE Convention Hall, Grha Unilever, only about 20 km from Jakarta. NEC set a trend and it has always been considered the best in Indonesia.

Why visit NXL Esports Center?

Located in The Breeze BSD, NXL Esports Center is the place where NXL players train, play and socialize. With facilities such as the Alpha Chamber (Where CS:GO players train), Mobile Room, Console Room, Blue and Red Portal for streamers, NXL Esports Center is the best place for NXL players to enhance their skills!

By paying a modest price of Rp.19.900 , you can enjoy these facilities and experience the day-to-day routine of a professional gamer.


Alpha Chamber

Where CS:GO players train and play. If you visit us at the right time, you can watch our players play professional matches!

Omega Chamber

Ever wonder how it feels to be a professional gamer? With high-end PCs and professional standard equipment, the Omega Chamber can be used whenever you visit us!

Blue & Red Portal

If you frequently watch NXL streams on YouTube, you’re probably familiar with this room! Equipped with high quality cameras and microphone, the Blue & Red portal is used whenever NXL players want to stream their content.

Conference Room

Other than being used as a homebase for NXL players, NXL Esports Center host many esports related events as well. From CS:GO greats such as BnTeT and xccurrate, to popular streamers like Patrick, the conference room has witnessed many great stories from the Indonesian esports scene!

NXL Store

Every NXL merchandise, from mugs, photocards to player jerseys are available here. You can even print your own name on our jerseys!

Console Room

After hours of practicing, video games can be very tiring. What better way to refresh your mind than playing some more video games? This room has seen many funny moments of our players playing FIFA, Bomberman and many others.

ps: Our PS4 PRO is free to use whenever you visit us!

Trophy Room

NXL has been active in the Indonesian esports scene since the early 2000s. There’s no better way to experience our history than seeing all the trophies we’ve won!

Mobile Room

Comfy chairs, Steelseries headsets and multiple power sockets is mandatory for “push rank” sessions with your friends. Luckily, our mobile room has all of those!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get to NEC?

The Breeze is easily accessible by car or bike. You can also take the train to either Serpong Station or Cisauk Station, which is only 10 minutes drive away. If you want to take the bus, there's a service called "Trans BSD", with routes from Ratu Plaza, Pasar Baru and Mangga Dua. Another bus service is the "BSD Link", with routes from Intermoda, AEON and ICE.

Things to do near NEC?

Located in The Breeze, there are many options of restaurants you can enjoy after your visit to NXL Esports Center. There's also a movie theater if you fancy watching some movies. You can also play some bowling at the Spin City.

At what time can I visit NEC?

During COVID-19 situation, we're open every day from 11 AM to 8 PM.

NXL Esports Center Jadi Tempat Bertemu Atlet Esports, Gamers dan Fans.

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Esports Center ini menyediakan sarana dan prasarana yang dibutuhkan untuk mengedukasi para gamer Indonesia.


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