What is NXL?

NXL is a esports entertainment company dedicated to winning championships, growing new esports fans, and providing superior entertainment, value, and service. We aim to achieve our mission by working hard to emphasize the following core values: mutual respect for each other, and a commitment to excellence, innovation, integrity and quality in everything we do.


How it started.

Like many other sports organization in the world, the NXL we know today started because of a simple desire.  A desire to win. It began in 2005, when a group of teenagers meet and play together in a gaming center in Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta Barat. It’s not long until these teenagers managed to fulfill their desires, by becoming the winner of 2008 World Cyber Games Indonesia, and representing Indonesia in Cologne, Germany.


Our journey so far..

NXL continues to achieve great things by winning local and international events. From NXL’s domination of the Indonesian Counter-Strike 1.6 and CS:GO scene to winning the 2013 Asian Cyber Games in Beijing, China, NXL has proven their sustainability and authenticity in achieving many great things in the Indonesian esports scene since 2005.



NXL didirikan dan memulai perjalanannya dalam ajang World Cyber Games 2005


Secara mengejutkan, perjalanan NXL di WCG 2006 menggapai keberhasilan dengan finish juara 2 se-Indonesia


Tantangan berat menghadang di tahun ini, dengan pencapaian yang di bawah ekspektasi, yaitu juara 3 WCG 2007.


Inilah tonggak sejarah NXL menuju level profesional setelah menjuarai WCG 2008 dan menjadi representative Indonesia ke WCG World Final di Cologne, Germany

Brands that have sponsored us before.

What They’re Saying

“Teruskanlah menjadi tim Esports terbaik di Indonesia dan teruslah membanggakan Indonesia agar Indonesia bisa bagus di dunia game itu aja yang aku bisa kasih support makasih udah bawa nama baik Indonesia aku bangga sama Indonesia aku juga bangga sama NXL”

Falindevrie Riyadi

“Tim Esports paling pertama yg bikin gw termotivasi, sukses terus NXL, make our country proud!”

Fahmi Aldiyono

“Nangis bangga gw.. Gamer bukan sebatas main game, gamer bisa membawa nama harum untuk INDONESIA!! GOOD JOB GUYS. Proud Of You!”

Juan Anderson

“Nangis bangga, KPAI sibuk memblokir website & game, NXL malah menorehkan prestasi di luar negeri..... Tangisan bahagia...”

Cahyo Her Bantolo

Media that have reported about us.