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Official Communication: Whynuts Departs

By 17 November 2017 No Comments

After this year LGS, we as a team have been extremely vocal about trying to restructurize the team’s composition, and one way or another, somebody will have to leave. In light of this, TEAMnxl> releases Ruli “Whynuts” Sutanto, who have been our main AD Carry for last LGS. As such, we are announcing our search of some core players for our League of Legends team. To recapitulate our goals: we are aiming to have a team dynamic at the level of EU teams such as TSM. We are looking for some experienced players who will grow under the team’s leadership and worthy of the trust we had in Whynuts. They will be sharing play and scrim time with Tobias “Oceans11” Varianto and is expected to carry out the same duties of any member on the team. All interested parties should contact us through appropriate channels. We will release additional information regarding the roster accordingly in the near future.

William “tova” Tjahyadi, Chief Business Officer of TEAMnxl>

“Ruli “Whynuts” Sutanto adalah salah satu pemain inti dari TEAMnxl>, dan seperti hal tim CS:GO kami, adalah hal yang tidak mudah ketika kami kehilangan salah satu dari pemain kunci. Whynuts telah mendemonstrasikan kualitas karakter dan etika kerja yang cocok menjadi seorang player dari TEAMnxl>. Saya berharap Whynuts dapat menemukan karir yang sukses kedepannya, to the next level!”



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