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Official Communication: fLx out, voogy is back!

By 22 August 2017 No Comments

Aditya “voogy” Leonard

Rebuilding a whole roster of champion is always extremely difficult. When we set out on putting together a new TEAMnxl>, we knew what we wanted to achieve from the start, a better team with great consistency, amazing team performance with young players as the core and great leadership in Richard “frgd[ibtJ]” Permana and Vega “soifong” Tanaka as their experienced teacher.
Not long ago we announced Felix “fLx” Santoso re-emergence into the main line-up, but alas it was not meant to be. Some misunderstanding and personal things that he needs to sort out first, is one of the main barrier that he needs to overcome in order for fLx to be able to come back to compete 100% again. Felix has been a wonderful teammate to TEAMnxl> since joining, and he will always be our family wherever he goes next into his career.
As fate have it, we now announce our final piece of our puzzle – we’re extremely excited to welcome Aditya “voogy” Leonard back to TEAMnxl>!
Starting his second spell with the team, he will complete a lineup of frgd[ibtJ], soifong, alessa, and m1rskiee. With these changes, we have managed to lock and rebuild part of the legendary line up in Indonesia CS:GO scene, with the ambition that we will providing much greater stability and optimum game play for the foreseeable future.
TEAMnxl> full CS:GO roster:

  1. Richard “frgd[ibtJ]” Permana (In-game Leader, Captain)
  2. Vega “soifong” Tanaka (2nd AWPer, Vice-Captain)
  3. Josias “alessa” Christian (Lurker)
  4. Kennedy “m1rskiee-” Buntoro (Entry Fragger)
  5. Aditya “voogy” Leonard (Main AWPer)
    *To anyone wondering where is Anlika “Lurk0” Putra Wahyoedi, he is for quite sometime has joined Aerowolf, another CS:GO team based in Indonesia. Good luck further to Lurk0!

William “tova” Tjahyadi, Chief Business Officer of TEAMnxl>
“Dengan penuh antusias, kami mengumumkan kembalinya voogy kedalam TEAMnxl>. Dengan kondisi tim kami yang kerap kali berganti mencari orang ke 5 untuk memenuhi puzzle, akhirnya kami mendapat opsi yang tepat – sosok yang penuh percaya diri, dengan performa AWP yang begitu dahsyat, dan pengalaman yang sudah tidak perlu diragukan lagi. Aditya “voogy” Leonard was a champion, still is, and he will prove it to everyone in the coming months. Welcome back voogy!”
Aditya “voogy” Leonard
“Thank you untuk kesempatan berkompetisi lagi di TEAMnxl>, I’m here to prove that I’m not that old to be a champion again. To the next level!”


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