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The Division: Enter the Dark Zone – English Version

By 2 May 2016 No Comments

The Division is an Action RPG in form of a fast paced 3rd Person Shooter set in Post-Apocalyptic Manhattan
In this post-apocalyptic world caused by a virus or as known as ‘Green Poison’ and ‘The Dollar Flu’, United States government activates agents under Strategic Homeland Division, or ‘The Division’ to restore order. However, the story doesn’t end there. There is an interesting plot twist that we refuse to spoil it for you…
As with the other RPGs, one of the main pleasures in The Division is hunting loots which in turns are used to upgrade your character. The Division progress is also quite fast since every single piece of equipment will give significant impact to your character.
How about its graphics? First, this game has destructible objects which make it more realistic. Second, even though this game is also released for console versions, its PC version still offers incredible eye-candy graphics with many little details.
Unfortunately, because of its beautiful graphics, The Division has quite high System Requirements. NVIDIA recommends GeForce GTX 970, with Intel Core i7-6700K, 16GB RAM, and Windows 10 x64, so that you may play it flawlessly 60 fps on 1920×1080 resolution and High graphics setting.
Of course, you can still play this game using lower specs with some compromises in its graphic settings. However, it means that you don’t play the game as the way it’s meant to be played.
One of the options that can be compromised if you have limited specs is by disabling V-Sync. However, it will introduce a new problem called Screen Tearing.
Screen Tearing is one of the most annoying problems in PC gaming because you won’t see smooth graphics anymore. It also causes dizziness to some gamers.
In the end, screen tearing may ruin your gaming experiences no matter how great the game is. Luckily, if you use NVIDIA GeForce graphic cards, you have better alternative options which is called G-SYNC.
You can read about G-SYNC in more detailed explanation on NVIDIA’s official site. Short version, G-SYNC is NVIDIA’s exclusive technology for monitor and GPU synchronization. So, what is the different with V-Sync?
First, V-Sync is one of the heaviest calculation for graphic cards. Therefore, in so many cases, V-Sync can cause FPS drops, stuttering, and delay in control input. G-SYNC eliminates all of those problems. That’s why, by using G-SYNC, you could get lower latency and smooth gameplay without stuttering and screen tearing.
Explaining G-SYNC using words is as hard as explaining our bitterness being ‘friendzoned’. So, it’s probably better if you watch it yourself the different between V-Sync and G-SYNC in videos below:

Moreover, NVIDIA also introduces a couple of new features within their G-SYNC technology. First, you can activate G-SYNC even in Windowed mode – V-Sync can only be activated in Full Screen mode.
With G-SYNC, you can enjoy flawless performance in browser-based games or games without full screen support.
Secondly, G-SYNC will allow you to run your game in higher refresh rate than your monitor. For example, you may get 250 fps in your 144MHz monitor. This will re-introduce screen tearing unfortunately, however you will get ultra-fast reaction and so much faster input latency.
Next, if your monitor support this feature, NVIDIA allows us to activate Ultra Low Motion Blur (ULMB) mode which is useful to remove motion blur (which often makes us woozy) and improve input latency even more.
Of course, since G-SYNC is directly related with your monitor’s refresh rate, you will need a monitor with G-SYNC module. So, you can’t just use any monitor if you want to activate G-SYNC.
However, if you have the same experiences as us, once you feel the smoothness and flawlessness of G-SYNC, you will be unable to return to your standard monitor.
Back to The Division, if you want to play this great game as the way it’s meant to be played, GeForce GTX 970, GTX 980, and GTX 980Ti are the ideal choices for your desktop. If you prefer portable gaming machine, a laptop with GTX 980, GTX 980M, or GTX 970M graphic chip is what you need.
Plus, if you buy GeForce GTX 970, GTX 980, or GTX 980Ti, or laptop with GTX 980, GTX 980M, or GTX 970M, you can get a Free Copy of The Division…! (This promo is valid till 25th of April 2016)
If you want to know more about performance tricks and tweaks on The Division, you should read The Division Graphics & Performance Guide which is specially made by NVIDIA. Now you know how to play The Division as the way it’s meant to be played.


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