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7 Reasons to Buy NVIDIA GeForce GTX – English Version

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Maybe there are some of you kind of wondering, what are the advantages using NVIDIA GeForce GTX. That’s why we write this article to show you 7 Reasons to Buy NVIDIA GeForce GTX…

NVIDIA Maxwell is the newest GPU micro-architecture from NVIDIA. Its uniqueness compared to its rival or even its predecessors is on the fact that Maxwell has very impressive Performance per Watt.
The result is you can get twice the performance with only ½ power needed.
If you haven’t got the chance to pay your own electrical bill, you won’t feel the dilemma of using powerful graphic card. Because, unless you are using Maxwell, you will only have two choices: going for an eye candy or saving your money.
Compared with its rival, Maxwell-powered graphic cards can give the same level performance using half of the power. For example, GTX 950 only needs 90W while its rival needs 170W.
Additionally, Maxwell uniqueness doesn’t end only with its extraordinary Performance per Watt.
Maxwell is the first GPU in the world which has the capability rendering VXGI (Voxel Global Illumination).
If you are one of the gamers who really cares about immersive aspect, you will know the importance of lighting effects in the game.
You must know how significant lighting related features such as Bloom, Ambient Occlussion, Lens Flare, Dynamic Shadows, and etc. However, you must also know those fantastic effects are also heavy burdens for your graphic card.
VXGI allows you using much more realistic lighting calculations so it will bring immersive aspect and game atmosphere to the next level.
GeForce GTX 900 Series can give you new anti-aliasing technology named MFAA (Multi-Frame Sample Anti-aliasing).
If you have been playing on PC for years, you can’t play anymore without anti-aliasing since it removes jaggies and makes the visual so much smoother. However, anti-aliasing is indeed another calculation that will slow your GPU down.
With MFAA, you could still enjoy your super smooth visual in high resolution without compromising your frame rates.
DSR (Dynamic Super Resolution) makes 4K gaming so much more affordable.
If you know the price of 4K monitors and you become afraid to buy, you’re just the same as us.
Honestly, if we have a very limited budget, we choose to spend US$ 500 for a graphic card, instead of monitor.
However, NVIDIA gives DSR feature allowing you to play your game in higher resolution than your monitor’s native resolution.
So, for example, you can play a game in 4K resolution using your 1080p monitor. Using this way, you could save so much money which otherwise has to be spent to pay for a 4K monitor.
For us, one of the biggest different between NVIDIA and its rival is in the driver.
Look at it this way, if a graphic card could be compared to a race car, its driver is the racer or, well, the driver. So, no matter how fast your car is, you won’t reach your best records if you don’t have the skill to drive.
Furthermore, if a benchmark program could be imagined as a race track with perfect road and no distraction, a game – which almost each of them has its own bug and characteristics – is the city with a lot of obstacles and bumpy roads.
That’s why the driver will even play a bigger role in the game.
NVIDIA’s driver can bring better performance because it has been packed with instructions to make the graphic card does the calculation easier.
Actually, NVIDIA GameWorks itself consists of many parts of SDK (Software Development Kit) made for game developer to give better graphic visualizations for gamers.
Unfortunately, because there are so many features in GameWorks, it’s impossible to write them in one article. If you are interested, you could read the real impact of GameWorks on The Witcher 3 in an article we wrote previously.
However, basically, GameWorks consists of tons of effects and visual calculations that can bring higher level of realism into your game.
For example, HairWorks will turn hair visualization so much smoother and realistic, Destruction will bring much more dramatic destruction effect, HBAO+ will provide new calculation for Ambient Occlussion, the good ol’ PhysX which turns everything into physics in the smallest details, and so much more.
You could read more about GameWorks features in details on NVIDIA‘s website. Plus, maybe words are not enough to draw GameWorks into your heads. That’s why we give you a video below to make you understand it easier.

One of the major advantages of PC gaming compared to console is on its flexibility, including its graphic settings. However, it’s often confusing to have so many options – especially for those who don’t understand graphic features in PC gaming such as Anti-aliasing, Anistrophic Filtering, V-Sync, and its friends.
Of course, you could spare your time to learn those features but it could take so much of your free time. Unless, you are like me who are very interested in learning new graphic technology, you are wasting your time that you could use to just play the game.
That’s why GeForce® Experience® is created. This exclusive software from NVIDIA is made for those who are unfamiliar with graphical setting so that they could get the optimal setting with one touch only.
So, you could just playing the game without learning so much about technical jargons.
V-Sync is one of the example of classic dilemma in PC gaming. Without V-Sync, you have to deal with very annoying screen tearing. With V-Sync, you have to compromise your frame rates.
That’s why NVIDIA provides more elegant solution with G-Sync™. G-Sync is an improvement of V-Sync which could remove screen tearing without compromising frame rates.
You could read our detailed article on G-Sync in The Division: Enter the Dark Zone or you could visit NVIDIA’s explanation for more information.
One thing for sure, with G-Sync, you don’t need to deal with the dilemma between frame rates and screen tearing.
A little note, since G-Sync is directly related with your monitor’s performance, you need monitor equipped with G-Sync module. You could see the list of monitors and laptops which are equipped with G-Sync module in the links.
If V-Sync is a classical dilemma with your monitor, every portable device also has its own classic problem which could be so much more annoying: performance vs. power consumption.
Power consumption is always one of the biggest problems for mobile devices, whether it’s a smart phone or a laptop. It’s because the faster a device can go, the bigger its power consumption. Of course it’s a big problem since we play games not just for 1-2 hours, or even half-an-hour.
Maybe we have to wait for a longer time to see this problem solved in smartphone but, in laptop, if you are using laptop equipped with NVIDIA graphic, there is a solution that you need to try.
NVIDIA BatteryBoost™ is an alternative solution for you who wants to play games for a longer period in your portable gaming machine.
BatteryBoost is an ultra efficient mode which can prolong your battery life while giving gaming performance 30+ fps. This mode will be automatically active when you are running your game unplugged.
This could be achieved because NVIDIA is using BatteryBoost to give more efficiency and precision power regulation. So, GeForce GPU will only consume the exact amount of power needed for smooth gaming performance.
If the game takes you into a more visually complex scene, BatteryBoost will automatically adjust its power regulations to compensate. This means you’ll never get hitching and stuttering.
Virtual Reality is the next big thing in next-gen gaming. Big companies are involved in developing devices and its supported ecosystem. However, unfortunately, VR is still unrealistic for most of the users since the price of the Head Mounted Device (HMD) is still too expensive for most of us.
However, you couldn’t be wrong with having future-proof graphic or laptop, optimized for Virtual Reality. So, if the price of the HMD goes down or your saving is enough, you could instantly feel the fantastic experience of virtual reality with NVIDIA.


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