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Triple-Double your NBA2K16 – English Version

By 16 December 2015 No Comments

It’s a fact that basketball will never be as popular as Football / Soccer, either globally or in Indonesia. However, we admire 2K (publisher) and Visual Concepts (developer), both of them under Take-Two Interactive, who keep doing their best effort to produce better NBA2K every year, even though they don’t have competitor anymore on PC gaming since EA stopped publishing their NBA Live series on PC a couple of years ago. Maybe that’s why NBA2K Series will always have special place in the hearts of its fans.
It’s still the case in this year when they released their NBA2K16. Visual Concepts adds new feature called MyCareer Mode. In this MyCareer Mode (which is directed by Spike Lee, a director, writer, and producer from Hollywood), you will create a new custom character who will build his career in NBA from scratch. Even though the story is simple and predictable, we still love this feature since it gives variations in a sports game so that it’s not always going to a match again, again, and again…
Moreover, they also continue their previous feature called Management Mode. This mode is different than MyCareer since you will act as a team manager (instead of a player) who has to manage everything from salary, contract, and other smallest details.
This game has tons of feature which makes it perfect for a basketball fanatic. Plus, from In-Game aspect, 2K also improves the Defense System (which makes it harder to breach) and also the physics so that every player feels heavier and more real. Because of those 2 things, 2K16 will make you pay more attention to the tactics and strategy, not just your individual skills controlling the ball.
Since it’s available on the most flexible gaming platform, NBA2K16 also offers eye-candy graphics, even compared to its console version, or compared to NBA Live 16 which is only available on PS4 and XBOX One. There is also a complete graphic setting that you can set to match your needs. However, if you are using an NVIDIA GTX graphic card, you can get the optimal graphic setting without having trial-and-error or digging information on the internet since you can optimize the graphic setting with just one click in GeForce Experience.
Besides features and gameplay, NBA2K also offers eye-candy graphic, even though it means that it will give more burden for your GPU. Fortunately, NVIDIA always has new features that can help you get the best quality without sacrificing too many framerates.
A new feature introduced by NVIDIA in Maxwell generation is MFAA (Multi-Frame Sample Anti-Aliasing). You can read the detail in here. MFAA can give 30% more performance compared with similar standard anti-aliasing calculation so that you can get faster and smoother gameplay, without reducing graphics quality.
You can watch an explanation about MFAA in the video below.

Besides MFAA, one feature that is really interesting offered by NVIDIA which can be used to maximize NBA2K16 is DSR (Dynamic Super Resolution) technology. This feature, which is also introduced in Maxwell generation, allows you to play games in a resolution bigger than your monitor native resolution. For me, this feature is brilliant because it allows us to play games in 4K resolution using FullHD monitors. You can check the prices of 4K monitors by yourself. Frankly, I prefer to choose to use my US$ 500 to buy a Mid-High graphics card (like GTX 960), plus a gaming mouse, plus a gaming keyboard, plus a mousepad, rather than spending it on one 4K monitor.
Therefore, DSR is an ideal solution for them who have very limited budget or for them who prefer to allocate their budget for components which gives significance impact to PC performance.

Last but not least, G-SYNC is also a neat feature to have. G-SYNC is a better form of V-SYNC which is used to eliminate screen tearing. Screen tearing is one of the most annoying things that can ruin beautiful graphic and smooth framerate. Screen tearing also can cause headache for many gamers. Moreover, NBA2K16 is a fast game. So, there is a big chance you will get frequent screen tearing if turning off V-SYNC.
Indeed, V-SYNC is effective in eliminating screen tearing but there are performance losses that you need to pay. This causes stutter whenever the GPU frame rate is below the display refresh rate. And it also increases latency, which introduces input lag, the visible delay between a button being pressed and the result occurring on-screen.
That’s why NVIDIA produce G-SYNC that can help eliminate screen tearing without having performance loss.
The best thing of all? Those incredible features can be used with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960, which is not even belongs to High-End tier, in mainstream class. Besides giving all those features, GeForce GTX 960 can also give framerate 50-60 fps in 1080p with maximum setting.


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