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TEAMnxl> CSGO Are Hiring

By 5 April 2015 No Comments

TEAMnxl> is hiring. Know everything about CS:GO? Have passion for eSports? TEAMnxl> is on the lookout for talent to join its CS:GO team. TEAMnxl> CS:GO is now on the lookout for enthusiastic, capable and highly motivated individuals to join its CS:GO team and to be a part of its next steps into the future.

Analyst Responsibilities and Requirements (M/F)

  • Analyze matches in written Indonesian.
  • Work online.
  • Flexible in working.
  • Detailed knowledge of the CSGO scene.
  • Consistently offer quality and quantity analyze.


Manager Responsibilities and Requirements (M/F)

  • Managing a team of individuals to maintain regular high standards and ensure consistent quality.
  • Cheering.
  • Help create social media content for the fans LIVE.
  • Positive personalities.

Preferred but not necessary for manager

  • Have a sense of photography.
  • Have a sense of videography.
  • Lived in West Jakarta.
  • Personal motorcycle/car.

This is a voluntary and unpaid position. In general we offer bits and pieces from our sponsors based upon performance (Sallary is possible). Travel support for Indonesian scene.

For more information on this opportunity and on how to apply, send email to www.teamnxl.com@gmail.com with the following content:

  • Position you are applying for
  • Full name and nickname
  • Your contact details (mobilephones)
  • Location
  • Esports history
  • Examples of work ideas for the position
  • An overview of why you want this job
  • An overview of why you want to work for TEAMnxl> CSGO
  • An overview of what you can potentially do for TEAMnxl> CSGO
  • An overview of your time availability (give as exact timeframes a possible)

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