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1st Runner Up at ASIA e-SPORTS CUP 2012 Singapore

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Tomi “lurppis” Kovanen’s Asking Questions has bested their competition at Asia E-Sports Cup’s Singaporean qualifier by defeating NXL Gaming in the grand finals.

?? attended a pre-qualifier on Friday where they defeated Vietnamese Legends 16-14 on de_nuke and Indonesian XcN, whose most recent international appearance was IEM 6 Global Challenge Guangzhou, 16-11 on de_inferno.

In the final qualifier they defeated COLON3 16-4 on de_inferno while NXL Gaming conquered Singaporean squad m!x featuring three former TitaNs members in a close 16-14 game on de_nuke.


Asking Questions win AEC Singapore (Photo: RobotsGoneBad)

Grand final started with NXL Gaming winning de_inferno 16-12 after a strong 10-5 counter-terrorist side. After a short break, ?? evened up the series by winning de_nuke with a similar 16-12 scoreline, following a 13-2 first half as CTs.

It all came down to de_dust2 where Asking Questions scored twelve rounds as terrorists. Despite of losing six opening rounds in the second half, they went on to win four straight to win 16-9, or 2-1 overall, and qualify for Asia E-Sports Cup.


Result AEC Singapore Final
 Asking Questions 2
 Nextlevel 1
?? K – D  +/- HS % Rating
 Prasad ‘StrykerX’ Paramajothi 60-48 +12 N/A 1.16
 Tomi ‘lurppis’ Kovanen 63-50 +13 N/A 1.14
 Daryl ‘insanity’ Chua 61-55 +6 N/A 1.06
 Randy ‘rAndy’ Lai 48-59 -11 N/A 0.86
 Mark ‘amennn’ Low 42-51 -9 N/A 0.84
Nextlevel K – D  +/- HS % Rating
 Aditya ‘Voogy’ Leonard 72-55 +17 N/A 1.26
 Hansel ‘BnTeT’ Ferdinand 57-51 +6 N/A 1.01
 Terry ‘Methasis’ Atreyu 51-55 -4 N/A 0.89
 Jonathan ‘Hazard’ Armanda 44-57 -13 N/A 0.77
 Richard ‘frgd’ Permana 39-56 -17 N/A 0.73

AEC Singapore final standings
1.  Asking Questions – qualified for Asia E-Sports Cup
2.  NXL Gaming
3-4.  m!x
3-4.  COLON3

Asking Questions is therefore the fourth and final team, along with Hybrid, NSD and myRevenge.jp, to qualify for Asia E-Sports Cup taking place on September 21-23 at the Tokyo Game Show in Japan’s capital.





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